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Not impressed

I take a lot of plant and flower pictures. Looked forward to app identifying plants. I carefully follow the instructions provided and this app fails most of the time.

Not identifying as they should.

I took a picture of a LEMON tree and they said it was Mistletoes SORRY LEMON!

Great app!!!

Has not let me down for identification of plants/trees not known to me!

Don’t waste your money

I tried on plants I knew what they were and it was not even close.. I took the snapshot correctly ..

Has Never identified anything correctly

I’ve tried to use this app per directions, not per the directions and any which way possible but it has yet to identify even the most common weeds and shrubs correctly. Huge disappointment.

Super particular

This app sounds great - until you try it out. I had photos (cropped and zoomed per the demo) of 4 plants, out of which it properly identified only one - the pansy, because of its particular shape probably. The rest had more of the round traditional shape with lots of petals - and no matter how many angles I tried all I got was “rose”... in the case of kalanchoe, I sent in the photo of my plant to the customer support and they were able to get it identified - yet it took me 7 tries (!!!) of all different angles, zoomed in and out, foliage or not , to get to their result - and even then I had to take a pic of the EXACT same flower cluster at that same angle to do it. None other clusters seemed to be the same plant I guess?? Then they tell me it’s user error and it’s not eligible for refund - which at this point it’s not about the 4 bucks at all, it’s about the customer support and understanding. They were quick to get back to me, but the answers just were not helpful at all. Super frustrating.

Where do we request refunds?

Save your money! This app has failed to name nearly all of the plants in my yard.

Doesn’t work

All the reviews are so wrong. 0/10 plants and trees 100% wrong. Don’t waste your money.

Don't buy

Why do I need to make an account to use this app. They're looking for email, phone number, dat of birth...and allow cookies????? I'm sorry I didn't read the reviews first. I paid for the app but I refuse to give the information.Don't buy it's a total scam.

Pain in the butt

I gotta agree with the other negative reviews. I used a FREE app to identify a house plant that this app wasn't able to identify for me using the same pic. Not easy to use and DOES NOT include info on how to care for the plants you're looking up. Really annoyed and dissapointed.


This App it doesn’t work at all! I have list my money...don’t buy it!

does NOT work.

Yeah reviews are right. Do not buy this app. You can keep my money that I work for daily.


I got it and wanted to share my purchase with my wife and could not with out her having to pay for it. Don't know about it right now.

The app couldn’t identify an Azalea

0 -2 on first items I tried and one was an Azalea. If I could, I would ask for refund.


I can’t count the hundreds of times I’ve walked in the woods, meadows and even around my home and wondered what a plant was! NOW I CAN KNOW what they are! Already LOVING this app and the knowledge it will bring to me and my grandchildren! Thanks SO MUCH to the developers! Worth every dime, just follow the simple instructions🙂

Wrong, wrong wrong again

Just testing it out & it can’t tell the difference between guara & a geranium? I want my $4 back.


Since I purchased this app it has not identified any plants correctly. I am very disappointed in this app.

Not everything is Cheesewood or pittosporum!

I think this is a great app. Really. We bought this house late last August when nothing was blooming. The house has huge lawns, surrounded and divided by mature perennial hedges, and I cannot for the life of me identify all of the component plants. Some, but not all. I gotta prune, people! Thanks for reading. Really. Though I haven’t tested it, I’m fairly certain that your database contains more than pittosporum, Cheesewood and various flavors of taxus. Really. Respectfully, Caroline Briggs

Don’t buy!

First off, why do I need to make an account with my email to identify a flower?! after I already paid $4.00 for the thing. Second, this doesn’t even work I tried it and it’s taken nearly 20 minuets to not identify the flower still. It didn’t do what I paid for it to do. Very displeased.


I live on the Central Coast of California and so far quite a few of my Succulents are not on the database.

Great for all plant lovers or outdoors lovers.

The app is only okay right now but it is constantly getting better. Highly recommend this app.

Great for Landscape Designers and Permaculturalists

i’ve thrown pounds and pounds of wildflower seed around my house willy nilly, and sometimes it’s difficult for me to identify what’s been put out, what’s volunteer, and what’s helpful and/or dangerous. This app has boosted my botanical awareness and confidence, and it’s really helping me form a stronger bond with my land.

Very Disappointed!

I’ve submitted 5 pictures so far ... 4 of which were unidentifiable. One that was eventually identified had none of the qualification info details so who knows? Great idea and concept but their database is severely underdeveloped!

Doesn’t work

Please save you money app doesn’t work at all (and yes I watch the tutorials). So far the app has identified a euphorbia monstrose as Cannabis buds. great idea but only if it works correctly. And to the developer getting defensive in the app reviews stop getting mad and fix you app it seems like no one can get it working my as you say it does.

Cool app but needs work

The idea is great and so far it's been accurate but the interface isn't very user friendly. For example, I accidentally clicked the wrong plant to identify. Now it's in my collection and labeled incorrectly but it won't let me delete it.

No good

Try to sign up but can not.


This app has only got one plant correct for me so far. And it cannot identify Native Hawaiian plants at all.

It worked incredibly well and very fast.

Excellent app. A friend of mine referred it to me and suggested I take a few photos and try to get them identified. It worked incredibly well and very fast.

Very poor on trees

I tried three trees, including an oak. It got all three wrong and appears to have a very limited repertoire of trees.

Love it!

I have tried a number of apps and PlantSnap is the app that does it better and simpler than all the rest. I use it on both the iPhone and iPad. Love it so much!


Could use improvements but I'm just glad this exist now and I know it will only get bigger and better

I love PlantSnap!I love PlantSnap!

I love PlantSnap! It is one of my favorite apps. It's practical and quick. Thanks for making such a useful tool for everyone.

You have to register for an account

One of those apps that in order to use - even though you pay for it - you have to register an account with them and all the BS that goes with it. There’s zero reason for this other than for their own capture and marketing. 1 Star for that reason and that reason alone.

Plant Snap

Just loaded it and put it to work. Love it.

Bought this app yesterday ..

I sent a picture in to be named by one of there Herbalist or whatever they call themselves aka not really herbalist is what it seems like to me.. there app was not identifying any plants of mine. So this is a cacti I wanted to test the knowledge and productivity of this app. It named one of my cactus species a completely wrong species. It went to call a Gynmnocalycium species a Echinocactus.. the picture I sent was very clear and they look nothing alike. And I did this for the purposes of testing out the app. Education psh.. educating the world on wrong information.. get some new herbalist. As a plant instagramer known for my plant ID’s I would be extremely ridiculed for even assuming that it is that kind of species. All you had to do was google a picture to easily see they looked NOTHING alike from the picture I sent them. Who is working for you???


I love this app it’s the coolest thing ever!! It doesn’t work 100% of the time but it’s brand new and before this existed nothing did what it does at any % of the time. It’s amazing!! I have one question and you probably have a good answer for it, why no flash option? It would be nice to identify plants at night.

Good idea bad performance

Can’t use it. Won’t work. I have never been able to get it to work. I want my money back. Thanks.

Pokédex for plants

Its like a Pokédex for plants it’s awesome. It doesn’t get some of the plants but that’s to be expected, and I think it’ll get better as time goes on. They also have support features which is pretty cool.

doesn’t work

i thought because it was $4 it would work really well at id-ing plants i’m not familiar with. i followed the tutorial in intro; i take macro photos of plants often, so i was careful with my shots and this app didn’t recognize my obvious calethea, naming it a swiss cheese plant- monstera, and continued to mis-identify most of my house plants. bummer.

Useless for weeds

If you’re the kind of person that thinks, “This app looks perfect to help me get rid of weeds,” think again. The visual recognition seems to be heavily tilted to finding nice plants that you want to know more about, rather than, “These f***ers needs to die, tell me what it is and how do I kill it without resorting to fire?” But if you want an app that tells you that your weeds are, actually, some kind of rare arabian flower that deserves to be treasured; well then, by golly, you’re using the right app.

Cute but not that useful

I want to like this but it is too primitive right now. It misidentifies most of the plants in my back yard as poison ivy. Oops we don’t have poison ivy here. It can’t tell palms from ferns. It did figure out mango but not avocado. Red Ti. Not a chance. I followed the tutorials too a T. The photos were as recommended it just isn’t ready for prime time.

Easy to use!

One of the few if not the only app I can give five stars. I really like the highlight abilities. Try it right now!

Very Disappointing

I purchased this app a few days ago and was very excited about it. I’ve taken picture after picture of my plants and this app hasn’t identified a single one. It stays stuck on “identifying” and never comes back with results. Save your frustration (and money) folks!


Seems pretty weak on all the wild flowers and fungi I tried. Missed on Poison Ivy... Yokes!!

Wanted to love it

I downloaded this app last week and was very excited, as the reviews are great. After following the instructions, the app was unable to correctly identify any of the ~15 different plants I tried. Is this program great in theory? Absolutely. In reality? A waste of 3.99, unfortunately. Save your money for a later (and hopefully useful) version.

How accurate?

I wonder how accurate this can be. I took a picture of leaves on a tree. None of the possible choices came close to describing this tree.

Lag city

The app lags way beyond tolerable. I have never written a review for an app but felt like I just wasted 4$ on nothing. I can’t snap a photo of anything (and yes the camera gave it access I even double checked everything in settings) it’s just a pulsating screen. Save your money and pass. Going to contact Apple and ask for a refund

So far

Not impressed. Got it to identify weeds in my lawn. Will work with app and report back.

Giant Fail

Tried it on 6 different California natives in my backyard. Failed on all of them. Only got close on one. Useless app.

Absolutely amazing

This is the BEST plant app I have ever found! I highly recommend it. Easy and accurate!

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