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New App

I recently purchased this app. I’ve been testing it on plants I know. Three out of three have not identified the plant properly. I retake the photo looking for different angles of the plant. Usually the second or third photo will mis-identify the plant but gives me the choice of the correct one, which I already know is correct. I have not tested the app on plants I don’t know, could be frustrating.


So fun to use on a daily basis... was a great app to have at my fingertips on a recent visit to our local botanical garden!

Amazing App for any plant lover!

I absolutely love this app and cannot say enough good things about it. I love walking through different botanical gardens, greenhouses, or even just hiking, and now when I’m curious about a plant, or just think it looks interesting I can use Plant Snap! Not only does this let me look back on the plant later, but I also learn a lot of information about it. However I do have one improvement that would make the app even better. Because I love plants so much, I own several and was so happy that I could organize them online on Plant Snap. However I wish there was a section that talked about plant care specifically for that pant you take a picture of. I know this is a monumentally huge task given how many plants are in the system, but my primary use for the app is for organizing plants I grow myself. It would be really beneficial to learn growing technics (how difficult, how much water/sunlight, etc) for the plants you snap. Often times I’ll snap a plant in the wild and want to buy it from a nursery but I’ll have to leave the app and google the information instead of it being presented within the app. Overall though this is an amazing app and I am very happy with my purchase! Thank you so much for creating this app and continue to release amazing updates 🌱


Not only does it accurately identify plants, but it catalogues it’s users information to constantly make the identification more and more accurate. Brilliant! It’s been great for us to find out what plants are on our Hawaiian property!

Not worth the money

I uploaded four leaves to the app and it was unable to positively identify even one as more than “probably.” I then submitted the four leaves to be reviewed by one of their “botanists” on Sept 15 (late at night.) Five days later I still haven’t heard a thing from anyone. Feels like clever packaging, oily promises and a failure to deliver. I got ripped off and want my money back. Can’t seem to figure out how to contact anyone further either. 😡

Excellent educational tool

I use this as I walk around to find out what grows locally so I can learn more about the local ecosystem. Also to find things that grow well in the local environment. I always suspected that "weeds" each have a name. Now with this app I can learn their names and teach others. This app also helped me successfully identify poisonous plants that otherwise looked tasty.

Waste of money

Updated in response to developers response: If your app is so difficult to use correctly that every problem is the users fault, then you need to redesign your app. Seriously people iNaturalist works so much better and includes animals too, not just plants. Terribly inaccurate suggestions. Slow response times from others to help identify plants. I wished I had known about iNaturalist before I bought this. Much better suggestions and input from others.

So far so good

4 star bc I downloaded it 30 minutes ago.


Very weak on identifying herbs

Fake Plant ID app

Worst plant ID app. it never gave a correct id even after following their instructions. i’ve tried some free versions of other plant id apps and works way better than this app. watch out for the good reviews on this app, most of them are bait reviews. I agree they answered those queries and bad reviews on their FB page and to be honest those comments made me purchased this app as well but those are bogus/fake AF comments from the paid mods. If i can give this app a zero i would. Do not buy this app. you’d been warned.

Wouldn’t identify my known plants correctly

I bought the app to identify some plants I bought from nursery but first I tested the app on some of my known plants and it was wrong every time. Very disappointing.

Fun but not accurate

I enjoy using this with my kids but it seems to yield random results. I’ve followed the instructions pretty closely and I’ve taken several pictures of the same plant on multiple occasions and I’ll submit 5 pictures of the same plant and it’ll often return 5 different results for example.

No luck!

I don’t know what I am doing wrong, but this app hasn’t hit it right yet! I’ve followed all directions, worked hard to get the best shots, and even with known plants, I’ve had zero success at correct plant identification!

Worst app

Inaccurate and can not identify the most common plants - save your money!

Doesn’t identify with as much accuracy as I’d hoped

Gave me not-even-close plants as a match


Don’t buy is only 3.99$ but multiplied for thousand and thousand of people is a good way to make money for an app that doesn’t work at all!!

Great app

Customer service great. I was not getting the app to load properly and they walked me through it. Photo results are accurate.

100% failure

After several attempts to identify plants in a garden, this app incorrectly named every plant I tried this on. Horrible app

Don’t like it

Hard to figure out how to use it. Ugh

best concept

I honestly love the concept of this app and wouldnt want anything but sucess for the company, but it has been inaccurate with all my plant pictures. (yes i took clear pics of them).

Doesn’t work - unresponsive

This app has great potential, however, it simply does not work on my iPhone X running iOS 12. I just bought the app and after opening it and flipping through the good and bad photo samples, none of the links or buttons respond to touch. I’ve deleted, reinstalled it, restarted the iPhone and nothing changes.


Terrible! Won’t even get to the ‘register’ screen to allow me to use the app. Refund please.

Does not recognize garden plants or wild plants

My husband loves to ask me “what kind of plant/tree/flower is that?” I was thrilled to find this app. It has yet to identify even one plant/tree/flower for me. I started trying it on plants I know and it can’t identify one of them, let alone those I find in the wild. It is basically useless.

Don’t waste your money

I wanted it to take hiking with me, so I could have my Cub Scouts able to use it on simple plants like poison ivy. It’s not one thing I took a picture of it and get it right.


Great idea but it doesn’t always figure it out, even when it appears obvious to me. Please keep working on it!

Landscape architect here ... this is useless

Soooo I figured “this might help on hikes!” I look for a lot of native plants and enjoy learning more about the plants I don’t know yet... I did some control tests with this guy using a few of the plants in my own planting’s... first try: (remember I’m in ny) I take a photo of a hawthorn ... it recommends a banana tree. Ok that’s a tough one and it’s a bonsai so maybe it’s not perfect. Try 2: let’s try a yew that’s ok training it’s a really common plant that grows all over the world..... wait what is this... also a tropical plant!? Try 3: ok so this one is easy I mean super easy , only want it to get the try of plant right. I’m looking for a evergreen ID ... I take a photo of a larch (looks like a evergreen but isn’t) drum roll! It’s a cactus apparently! That’s right a 4ft tall weeping tree is a dwarf cactus.... this is useless , well for entertainment it has a use but save they money and buy a plant book.

Pretty Good

It's been able to identify some of the plants very quickly and accurately, but there have also been a number of times that it hasn't found the plant at all. Generally with a little bit of extra searching you're able to find it easily enough.


It’s got about 3 out of 15 right! And it doesn’t know what a redbud tree is!

Plant Snap Review

I give it one star for being wrong on 2 out of 2 times on common plants.

Don’t buy it

I’ve had it for like 4 days and used it on about 30 plants and it hasn’t been close once

Not accurate so far

Disappointed. Started with plants I already know, and it didn’t even list them as suggestions! Had to manually enter the names for them to pop up. Will update if it gets better.

Horticulture degree in You Hand...

I love Horticulture & Entomology! So whenever I’m out hunting insects I have PlantSnap App in hand as well. Helping to document the plants I find insects on really helps me to I.D. many of those bugs much quicker. I’ve been raising Praying mantis from around the world for six years now. Taking them into schools to help teach kids about mantis and their part in nature. Now I’m using the PlantSnap App in me class demos, show kids, teacher & parents how easy it is to I.D. Plants anywhere they go... #PlantSnap_GardenOf_Eden


Interesting to learn about flowers and plants!

Don’t take a walk without it!

It will open your eyes to the wonder of plants around you!


I was an initial investor in this app because what it does and how it works intrigued and amazed me without a doubt. I LOVE plants, trees, foliage & flowers of all types, and I’m an avid gardener - working in the dirt makes my Life Worth living lol. Finding PlantSnap felt like I was striking oil, for Pete’s sake! So happy to have found, downloaded & invested in PlantSnap when I did. I’ll continue to support it.


Won’t open on my IPad

Great concept, bad execution

Very bad at identifying the plants ive been photographing. I’ll keep trying

Why so slow??!!

This app is awesome but it’s insanely slow


Bought this to identify some interesting weeds that sprung up recently. This app was not helpful at all. It suggested several trees for a plant 6 inches tall. Of the 3 plants I tried only one so far has been even close. There is nowhere to enter additional information to even help point the app in the right direction.

So far 1 out of 6 plants identified

My impressions thus far of that it’s not ready for prime time.

Indigenous Species

I love this app! It’s been really helpful to learn more about my environment, to stop seeing plants only for their colors or smells and start to instead know their names and the place they have in the world. I only wish the app would tell you where the plant is indigenous to, where it can often be found, and where other users have seen them.

Can I return this App?

It can’t even identify a common plant called “baby toe”, while a free app identified it for me. I tried a few other, same thing. My picture of the plants were sharp and clear. I want my money back!

Does not work

I have tried identifying several plants with this app. Some I knew what they were and some I did not so that I could test it’s accuracy. None of the plants were identified correctly. I realized I wasted $4 immediately.

Great App

I’m a permaculture designer and was thrilled to find this app. If you follow the app instructions for taking a good picture, you will most likely get a solid ID. Wish it had the ability for me to make notes on each saved ID and to make groups like: edible, medicinal, nitrogen fixer, evergreen, deciduous, etc.

Expanding horizons

I used to work at a greenhouse so I’m pretty well versed on my flowers and plants. I received a flower arrangement that had some of the most unique flowers in it. I had never seen them before so I snapped each one and it provided a chance to expand my horizons while providing a chance for entertainment while being laid up and off my feet! I’m so glad I found this app! I can still keep in touch with a hobby I love.

Creepy they want access to all my photos

It feels like a privacy issue. Bummed I bought it

Can’t use it?!

Just downloaded the app... and absolutely nothing!!! Get a screen with a tree on it and that’s it?!?!


Works well


This app does an amazing job.

Don’t waste your money

Very disappointed in this app. I have made multiple efforts around my yard with plants I am familiar with and find it to be wholly inaccurate. I have actually removed it from my phone and do not recommend purchase.

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