PlantSnap Plant Identification App Reviews

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Can’t believe I paid money for this

I would delete it, but I paid $3 for it. When it does work, when it does work, it takes a long time to load results. And then gives you options for you to choose what the plant could be. I wouldn’t have paid for the app if I already knew that. Now, it’s forcing a tutorial every time I try to use it and the camera won’t open.

Not working

I got really excited about this app when I first saw it. I have a couple of plants I don’t know what they are. So I downloaded the app followed directions and started testing it out on plants I do know. Nope keeps giving me the wrong names. Tried several times with no luck and I even I tried the plants that I don’t recognize and it gave me names of plants I know for sure that these are not those plants. I wish I never wasted my money.

Keeps Crashing and Can’t Identify Plants

I just bought this app and tried to identify 3 plants that I already know the name of. It couldn’t identify any of them and kept crashing on me. Even after I suggested the name, it crashed. Tried it with another plant...crashed again.

Didn’t work.

Followed the copious instructions to a tee. Plant ID wasn’t even in the ballpark and neither photo I took showed up in my plant gallery.


I bought the app, followed directions and snapped photos of plants I knew. Doesn’t identify anything. I would have been better off googling them, I would have had a better chance of identifying the plants. I want my money back!!!!

Utterly Useless!

You are also rudely arrogant! You also broke my anonymity by revealing my name in you reply below - a legal violation that is clearly stated in the Confidentiality Statement in the email you are quoting in my reply! You insist on blaming the user for a clearly defective app! This is your way of retaliating against my honest and negative review of your app. Pathetic! I minored in horticulture. I tried using the auto identify feature and was shocked to see that it identified a Cedar as a Fern! So, I submitted several photos of Incense Cedar for review and identification. I’m told that my Calocedrus decurrens is a Chamaecyparis! Reporting this to the app developer has resulted in them arguing that I am having a problem understand how to photograph a plant. What a joke and a disservice to their app users that will not realize that that their app identifies as a Camellia or Rhododendron is actually a Manzanita, etc., etc. Ridiculous!


I am purely satisfied with PlantSnap. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and I love it. Best app!

Awesome app!

Awesome app. I and my friends enjoyed PlantSnap. We hope will be many such applications or generated. Thank you so much!

This is a plant Wikipedia in its infancy.

This has a lot of potential as long as knowledgeable plant people continue to work with it. The program requires users to teach it, which is counter to the reason for most people to want to use it. But if the developer can get enough plant enthusiasts to feed this app, it may become useful over time. Otherwise it will be full of garbage.

Great App - Does Very Well Identifying.

I’ve had great results testing plants I knew and it got them right. Great Feature = send in pic to app maker analyze - If you don’t see an exact match. Good customer service too. I emailed them for help and suggestion and they replied quickly and were truly engaged in making the app better.


I’m not too impressed so far as I started with plants I know and 2 out 3 were wrong. Ex. Azalea was suggested as a camellia.

Leaves are a bit tricky, but it’s spot on for flowers

Living in Florida there are flowers and leaves year round (unless all of the tropical plants die from a few nights of sub-freezing temps) and the app identifies most everything. It can only get better, so I’m here for it

Did you know that mushrooms are actually daisies?

You know this app must be hopeless when you submit a photo of a mushroom, and it gets identified as a daisy! Also, very poor database outside Europe and North America.

Laughable app don’t buy

I bought this app to ID a plant that’s been growing in my yard and the result was ridiculously off. I would have more respect for this app if it didn’t find the plant but it actually gave it a result of another plant I have that looks nothing like the one growing in my yard. It’s a wide flat on the grown leaf plant and it said it was a plant that resembles a palm or corn tree.

Amateur looking like an expert

Simply put I know nothing about plants and this app changes all that in a snap 🧐

Doesn’t work unless you give your email

Avoid this rip off. Only after spending $4 for this app Did I learn that it only works if I give up my email address and register. Isn’t my money enough? You need to sell my info too?

So cool!

Work on a large property where natives are prized so some times hard to identify weed vs. other. First identifier was spot on. So cool.


PlantSnap is very knowledgable help in identifying plants - so great for really getting into the gardening!! LOVE!

Great app!

It has actually motivated me to visit some gardens and parks to learn more about plants. Really fun to use, really educational.

0% success rate so far

I have been testing this app on common native plants in my backyard. So far, none of the suggested plants have been correct.


I can't imagine being without this indispensable app. PlantSnap is efficient, intuitive, altogether excellent. Highly recommended.


Love PlantSnap, very handy and constantly updating to improve its already brilliant service. Can't recommend it enough really.

My favorite app

My favorite app! I'll delete every other app from my phone if need be just to have PlantSnap. 5 stars!!!

Works great!!!

The absolute best. I have had not one problem. A+. It's rare to find anything that works well all the time and is easy to boot.

A great resource!

I walk a lot and am always wondering about the plants I’m seeing. Thankfully PlantSnap came along. It finally solved a mystery for me that has been bugging me for the last 20 years! Very grateful!

This app does NOT work!

I’ve read and watched all the instructions and videos. My conclusion is that the only way to get this useless app to work is to get a piece of white paper and hold it behind the leaf of the plant you are trying to identify. How ridiculous. I’ve tried zooming in, zooming out, full plant, leaf only etc etc- nothing. Their response was “there are other plants in the photo” well ya, duh, I’m in a forest. Their other response is “thousands of users” - whatever, this thing can’t even identify a simple Oleander. USELESS!

Great idea; almost works

First two tries (on two exotics to Kenya) ID’d perfectly. But was unable to save finds to My Collection. App crashed each time. Needs work. Also could use a portal to upload new additions to the database.

Brilliant app!

If you want to know the name of any plant shrub tree off your photos get PlantSnap so good.

Amazing app!

Amazing app. I highly recommend PlantSnap to any body who wants a personal assistant in their pocket for their gardens.


I love getting my plant identification from this app. It's helped us resolve a few family disagreements as a bonus.

I highly recommend it.

I am just getting started in gardening and started to look around for an app that could help me get started. I was pleasantly surprised with PlantSnap. I highly recommend it.


Wow. Really really love all that PlantSnap does. It is now my all around gardening tool!


PlantSnap was extremely helpful and easy to use. I use it daily and will recommend it highly. I am so happy with fast answers. Awesome!

Get it!

PlantSnap is the perfect app for garden and general plant identification. It has become a great app for me! Get it!

Clever idea!

Love PlantSnap for its plant identifications anywhere in the world, fast, accurate and very informative.


I have use this app consistently for the last two weeks. Anytime I ever had a question, PlantSnap was quick to respond with a exact answer.

It's really useful!

I have to own. I know very little about gardening, but a close friend told me about PlantSnap. It's really useful!

Best gardening app ever!

So impressed with the information and over all quality of PlantSnap. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone.

Love it!

PlantSnap is super helpful. I took several a photos and sent it in and received an answer quickly. Love it!

First app to actually do what it says

PlantSnap is great, it actually achieves everything it says. No gimmicks no nothing, just amazing!


What exactly is that plant? Snap a photo and submit. Back comes the answer in seconds! What more could you ask.

The Best!

PlantSnap is the best plant & pest identification app on the App Store! I really love this app, and it is one great informational app!

So far great!

Only used once so far but response was super fast and very helpful. Good service!


PlantSnap is really the only app I found so far that has answered my questions. They deliver on exactly what they say.

It's a great app!

I'm a gardener and I use PlantSnap when I'm stumped over volunteer plants in my garden. This app respond very quickly.

Truly exceptional!

PlantSnap is an app that has lived up, even exceeded, what it promised. This is definitely a handy and awesome app to have.

Give it a try!

PlantSnap does a reliable expeditious job of identifying plants. I have used it from time to time over several months and recommend it. Give it a try!

Outstanding app!

Outstanding app useful and intelligent folks that can help the everyday gardener to the greenhouse manager! Easy to use and you won't regret it. Thanks!

Try it now!

Accurate (and even friendly!) identifications by this great app. I tried other apps which were much less accurate. You'll want more after you get a few good replies. Try it now!

Very helpful app!

I used PlantSnap yesterday for the first time and was impressed with how quickly I received a response. Very helpful app!

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