PlantSnap Plant Identification App Reviews

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Wrong definition

I am taking pictures of what I have in my yard and I already know what they are. This app doesn’t seem to know. Very disappointing

Works great

Worked great for me - two fairly obscure flowers were immediately identified. Try and get the flower straight on, fairly large. Glad I bought this app.

I love this App

Makes plant identification easy! Increases one’s plant “vocabulary” significantly.

Worst ever

I’ve used this app with several very common plants and it has misidentified every one. In my opinion, it’s definitely not worth the money. It doesn’t do what it says it will do.

Poor results

Even following directions perfectly, the results of my first two searches were useless. Subsequent searches were ok, but this app returns far less reliable data than several of its free competitors. Don’t spend the money.

Smart App

Great app for flower & plant identification! It's as easy to use as SNAPing a photo!

Setting up an account is bad

Really get with the iOS way of authentication asking me to type my email and password twice and not using the built in password feature is just ugly. Then again the text in most of the dialog is ugly. Suspect it’s an Android feature.

Can I get my money back?

Didn’t know I had to sign in with my personal info to use this app. Can I get my money back?

Good concept but...

Seems like a really good concept but the execution isn’t there. If it’s a flowering plant, it looks like the only way to identify it is based on the flowers, not the plant leaves. Misidentifies quite regularly as well.

Wrong each time

Sent photos of two common plants that I knew the ID for, the app got both wrong.

So Disappointing

I just purchased this app. I watched the tutorial videos and followed the directions closely. I took 3 pictures of 3 common plants in my garden. It did not correctly identify a single plant, and it wasn’t even close in its guesses. For example, it identified squash as a hibiscus. I love the concept, but this app doesn’t work to accurately identify plants.

Takes some tinkering, but overall ok.

I was a little disheartened by the reviews, and when it failed to identify my tomato plant I was pretty disappointed. BUT once I got the hang of it it worked pretty well. I’d say take a lot of pictures on your hikes/foraging forays and do your research as well. A great tool to get you started.

Magic 8-Ball Guesses

Day 1 - I watched the tutorial. I’ve tested this with 3 neighborhood trees. Tree #1 - its second guess got the tree family, but not species. Tree #2 - its second guess was correct. Tree #3 - all guesses wrong. I did ping a very responsive support, and followed their tips. No improvement so far, but I’ll keep trying. It’s a unique app. I’ll update if it gets better with practice.

Not impressed

I had high hopes. Followed all instructions, watched the how to videos and still have gotten very poor results. This app doesn't get much right and the developers are unpleasant when there are complaints. Trying some other plant identification apps.

Inaccurate on over half of the plants

This app didn’t identify plants correctly more than half of the time! I’ve asked for a refund because this app simply doesn’t work a vast majority of the time. They are giving me a huge runaround about a refund, after offering a refund! I would give zero stars if I could. I suspect the good ratings with more than a couple stars are fake. *** update: now these people have the nerve to say that I got correct identification of plants and I am trying to scam them someway and get those identifications for free. What a joke. This is not what happened. This app simply doesn’t identify plants correctly the majority of the time.


Love it!


Needs to be more accurate

Can tell common flowers

Took a picture of pentas to try the app and it said there was a 19% probability it was. Gave it 12% for Croton. Had trouble with oleander also. Did get southern magnolia. Only right 25% of time on common plants. Not impressed.


Are you seriously going to spam me with notifications every time your server goes down?! Such poor judgement. Here’s a clue: unless I’m actively using your app (never, because it doesn’t actually work), I don’t care that your server is constantly crashing. Uninstalled.

Has difficulty since the algorithm update

Identification used to be fairly quick though since the algorithm update it has been very slow if it works at all.

Don’t buy

Read the reviews. This app can not even identify common plants and asks you to accept their guess. If I knew the plant I wouldn’t be try to use an app

Total privacy violator

This app requires you to give it your email address before you can use it. Be aware of that before you spend the $4. You also have to give it access to your camera roll and all your photos you’ve ever taken. Even when snapping a photo in the app, if you don’t give it permission to all your other photos, it doesn’t work. They also reveal the names of their customers in responses to reviews.

I’ve always wanted an app like this!

I tried others but this is finally as advertised. Got my whole yard done. Even took it to the garden center to make sure it was right....and it is :)

Please stop yelling at your users


Dumb app

Couldn’t tell me what my weeping willow in my backyard was

Satisfied so far.

Just started using the app and have been trying some plants that I already know the species. It surprisingly missed pothos but I wasn’t surprised because it was a different hybrid. My wife and I own an interior plant design and service company so we are pretty well versed in our plant knowledge. I’m more interested in using this app when I’m out on hikes with my son. Lots of stuff to discover. Hoping for great results. 😁


Yep, it guesses while giving probabilities. But no detail. 81% percent chance I’ve got rhododendron... um, nope, azalea. Click on that 19% item and that’s all you get... something I already knew. No detail on the type of azalea using things like color, dark leaves, etc. And I paid for this xxxx. I’m pretty sure if I were hiking in the mountains, it might be somewhat useful, thus the 2 stars.

Turns out, I’m Wrong

So, I got the app. Thought to myself, “Self, let’s check how accurate this thing is. I know what house plants I bought, so good test.” I tried it on a few. Got most of em right. I thought, “Dang, not 100% but hey, pretty neat.” Turns out, it got them all right. I looked it up after and what PlantSnap thought it was, is what it was. Not what I thought I bought. Good for buying plants at the store!

Works, but clunky

There are free apps like GardenAnswers doing much of the same (albeit at an order of magnitude smaller scale—2k species vs 320k), and sometimes more (amount of info, speed), but if you need accuracy and plant info world wide, this is the only app that will work (maybe google reverse image search can compete). 4 stars because even if the issues are quite frustrating, they are relatively minor, and its under active development so hopefully they will go away soon. Pros: 1. Works! After getting used to how to take the photos (get entire leaves/flowers flat and straight on, cropping is important) 2. Very responsive to Facebook messages. Definitely hit them up and say what you want changed/improved, or just say thanks if you liked it. Cons: 1. Slow. Identification I can understand taking a few seconds, but loading the images for a plant takes a solid second or two at least, which is surprisingly long. Switching to trending tab is also slow (and kind of useless) EDIT: am told this may improve soon with a server upgrade 2. Getting pics right can be finicky 3. Should link to Wikipedia or google (both of which could be easily implemented with a simple url constructor, even if it redirects out of the app, though the built in browser seems fine for YouTube and; you can Long press to copy, but jumping out of the app and searching is an easily addressed pain point) 4. Cool to see other people’s images (this would also help eye check the match) There are a number of other small things too that are unprofessional and cheap feeling- FAQ is straight text, but still renders with weird white space issues, selecting different matches can be cumbersome, no information on what asking an expert botanist does. In short, the backend tech is good and should be applauded, but the front end can this a somewhat frustrating experience despite the magic behind the scenes. A lot of really easy things to address that aren’t as sexy as training models, but would make this app ten times better.

Just really interesting

If you’re curious about certain flora or if you’re curious about the local plant life in your area this app helps sooo much. Five stars from a casual flower enthusiast


I have only been using it 2 days now but I have hundreds of plants on my land that I in fact know what they are. I have been walking all over taking pics and using this app and it has been right almost every single time. When it wasn’t right the pic below the first one shown would have it listed. That only happen twice. I do like the app very much as I know while out looking for wild herbs and stuff it will help.

Pretty Good

Takes a while for identification, likely because it’s searching such a huge database. Seems to drain battery a little fast. The camera icon at bottom of screen doesn’t work when you return to snap second photo and on. You have to tap camera at top, which seems redundant. It got a coupe of obvious plants wrong. I tried it in my greenhouse and it got tomato and cilantro wrong, nowhere near probability. Other than that, I think this is great and I’ve wanted something like this to come out for a while. Thank you and I’ll try to use often to help out with recognitions!

Plant apt

Gives no info on how to care for, how to plant....


I have submitted several different plants without a single correct naming by the app.

Can never seem to identify

Every single picture I have submitted says it can’t seem to identify the plant… Not good

Not very accurate

Not accurate at all for common garden plants; definitely zero in the weeds in my yard too

A few problems but really great

I love this app. As a plant person, I really appreciate the idea. Although it doesn’t always work, people have to understand that this is a new app and it will need time to grow and better itself. Every time you look up a plant and find correct matches, you are helping the system become familiar with more and more plants. I totally think it’s worth the money because they are doing something other apps haven’t done. I use this app every day and am excited to see how it “grows” haha ❤️🌱. One suggestion is to let users save plants they’ve manually searched. So far all I can save are the ones I’ve used the photo search.


Despite having very clear pictures, nine times out of 10 says unable to identify.

Still learning plants, but surprisingly good.

I tested this app on a number of iPhone photos from a recent trip to Valley of Fire State Park, NV. The app is getting the right species about half the time, and the right genus over 75% of the time. Some desert flowers are pretty nondescript, and the species out here are pretty specialized. Adding more species to the database and incorporating location into the initial ID would be my strongest suggestions. Look to the Merlin bird app for how they use location.


Issues they say have been resolved have not. Gives wrong identification majority of the time. This app is going to get some nature rookie killed by misidentifying. Free app works better. The only good reviews are fakes. I see a lawsuit in their future.


It only got 2 out of 5 plants correct.

Precioso programa

A quienes amamos la naturaleza en todas sus formas, este programa es fabuloso para enriquecerse y apreciarla aun más !


So far, I have taken pictures of the plants I definitely know and the choices have not been correct yet! I will keep trying before I delete this app.🙁

Waste of money

This app accurately only 2 of 20 varieties of plants.

Very disappointing

App had trouble identifying common flowers in our backyard during initial test. Waste of money.


I’m honestly stoked on this new app!! My fiancé and I have aways talked about how cool it would be to have this as an app, and here it is! Thank you!

Wish it worked better

I was hoping this app would work as well as they say. The app has only been able to identify two plants. I put a pic of a bleeding heart vine and it could not give me the correct name. I am sure the developers will say I did something wrong but my pics were very clear and the flower was a close up. Maybe they can tell me what I can do better. This app is a excellent idea. I hope it works better in the future.

Still didn’t work after a couple months, don’t expect a refund either.

After viewing the tutorial, testing a few common plants, this app was still way off. It gave me a ton of different incorrect plants, with not great visual pictures. The customer service was even less helpful, after grilling me through multiple emails I gave up around November. I saw the email recently and decided to ask for a refund once and for all in which they told me they only would if I supply them with multiple pictures I no longer had. Keep my few bucks, wasted enough time already.

Not worth the money

I have never actually reviewed an app before, but felt compelled to on this one since I am so disappointed with it. I have tried several different plants, following the instructions exactly, and only once has the plant been properly identified. Most of the time, the highest percentage match (50-60%) isn’t even in the same plant family. Aside from identification, I assumed (or at least hoped) it would also provide care instructions. Needless to say, It does not, but I guess that doesn’t really matter since it can’t even advise to the plant type. Albeit only costs a few bucks, still not worth the price. Save your money and frustration!

Many times a charm

I plant snapped many growths in my yard an I know most so it took many times to get it right - still playing with how the software best likes the pic - some flowers help and the I find leafclusters with steam help also .😎👍

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