PlantSnap Plant Identification App Reviews

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Science fiction come to life

Awesome app! iPhones are getting closer and closer to being just like Star Trek Tricoders! PlantSnap works incredibly well, and I was very skeptical. Highly recommend! *UPDATE* each update keeps getting better! I did finally stump it with some marsh grass, but learned that species had not been trained yet. I think they must have added more species because I got a result on a hike yesterday on a mushroom that wasn't identified before. Seems to work well on succulents and cacti, and now seems to work with mushrooms, too!

I recommend it to all

From my heart, PlantSnap is a great product which I used for some weeks now. I am really satisfied with the product. I recommend it to all.

Easy to Use

PlantSnap has an easy functionality, yet great features and best for identifying the unknown plants. The app is amazing.

True work of excellence

PlantSnap is just excellent. It would have been released earlier. I love this app just for its simple nature. Easier than any other app out there.

Suggested to everyone

I suggested PlantSnap to all my friends as I liked it so much. Amazing user interface and useful features. Great app!

Love it!

What a great concept. I love PlantSnap and recommended to all my friends. Love it!

Great App!

PlantSnap really changed my life. I would really like to thank the creators, for making such a great app. Lovely and really wonderful.

Great Work

Keep the great work going. I really like PlantSnap for its easy functions. The features of this app are also great.


I actually though that PlantSnap is like the others, but it isn't. trust me it is a great app.

Works Very Well

PlantSnap works very well, but do add more features. Looking forward to it.


Amazed by the idea of PlantSnap. Great for identifying all the unknown plants in my garden. I have never been this happy.


I was amazed by how PlantSnap works. This app is really efficient and works very well. A must have app.


PlantSnap is the most trustworthy app around. I find it better than any other app in the market.

So Fine

Such a great app and that too useful. It works so fine. Amazed by its quality.


Wonderful app. PlantSnap truly works wonderfully. Made for people just like me.


I like the easy functioning of PlantSnap. I have used it multiple number of times and have never been disappointed.

Fine App

PlantSnap is really amazing. I love it thoroughly and never had any complains while using it.


PlantSnap is wonderful. Works well with my phone and really useful for my job. What more do I want.

Great App!

I would recommend PlantSnap to everyone. Seriously, easy to use and a really handy app.

One of the Best

I love PlantSnap so much. One of the best apps out there. I downloaded it a long time ago and found it really useful.

I absolutely love this app!!

I have found no better app than PlantSnap. Really great for my job. I absolutely love this app!!


I've been using PlantSnap for several days and am impressed how simple and well the app works.

Thanks a ton

Your team has done a fantastic job with the software. Thanks a ton. I appreciate it.

Fine Product

PlantSnap is a very fine app and I'm very pleased with how it performs. I appreciate your product and the work you are doing.

Plain & simple... GREAT..!!

PlantSnap is a cool app. I have been using it for a while and works fantastic, works every single time everywhere, overall thumbs up...!!!

Highly recommended!

PlantSnap is great as a friend of mine show me how to use it. It's very user friendly and easy to use. Highly recommended!


Identified two plants in garden (took few seconds) which basically meant I could get on with some serious weeding! Would definitely use again.

If I was you I would download it as fast as I can.

PlantSnap is a very useful app which is not hard to understand and easy to use. It is helpful for everyone. If I was you I would download it as fast as I can.

It's simply the best out there.

Great and easy to use app. PlantSnap is one of my most used on my iPhone. It's simply the best out there.


Rarely have any issues with stability unlike other apps. Greatly appreciate the efforts that go into developing PlantSnap.

Great app!

Decided PlantSnap is a must-have app since there are so many things you can do with it.

Total waste and ripoff

I tried this app again after the latest update and it continues to be a rip off. It identified my common house plant ivy as "bells of Ireland" and other such nonsense. I'm starting to think that this is more than a rip off and is actually a scam. I am outraged enough to be considering filing a lawsuit in small claims court to get my money back. This developer is very aggressive and wants to know my real name. Doesn't he know that Apple advises against that? Does the developer want to know my identity so he can harm me? Original Review: This app cannot identify anything, not even ivy growing in a pot. It's a scam. Developers, please don't insult me and respond with some pat response. You should be ashamed for stealing people's money. Response to second insulting and totally deceitful response from the developer: the developer does not know the definition of an Internet troll. A troll writes inflammatory statements in public forums. This is not a public forum. One can only post a review here if one has paid for the app. As a consumer of an Apple app, it is my right and in my view responsibility to write a review to protect other consumers from falling into this same scam. I repeat, this product is a total waste and rip off. I have carefully watched the instructional video on YouTube. This morning I tried it on mint, basil, myrtle, and other plants in the backyard, and it did not identify these plants. It said that the myrtle was poison oak from California. In my view, the amount of artificial intelligence needed to properly identify plants is beyond the scope of this developer. Most apps with good reviews use a botanist, and you pay a dollar or so per identification. The technology to do this using artificial intelligence is not there yet. This developer is very aggressive at attacking negative reviewers as trolls and people who do not watch the video or contact them. They are the trolls for creating such a vitriolic environment when consumers are only trying to express their honest opinion and protect other consumers. This developer does not belong in the apple ecosystem. Developers like this if allowed to continue will destroy it. I hope that Apple bans this developer so that Apple's ecosystem of innovative and useful apps is not destroyed by worthless and rip off apps. Response to insulting and totally deceitful response from developer: YOU ARE THE TROLL NOT ME. YOUR RESPONSE IS THE SAME AS THAT TO OTHER ONE STAR REVIEWS ACCUSING YOU OF RIPOFF. APPLE SHOULD BAN YOU. THIS APP IS TOTALLY WORTHLESS AND CANNOT IDENTIFY ANY PLANTS. I WATCHED THE INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO. THE DEVELOPERS THINK THAT BY ATTACKING NEGATIVE REVIEWERS THEY CAN CONTINUE TO SCAM PEOPLE. DO NOT BUY THIS APP. TRUST ME, IT DOESN'T WORK. ITS A SCAM AND RIPOFF.

Expected more from this App

I had high hopes for this app, but it didn't even recognize a basic house plant that I purchased at the grocery store. I was able to determine what it was online as it didn't come with an identification tag. I'm hoping they invest the $ from the app to further complete their knowledge base. I'll continue to use it though because I have enjoyed it so far.

Perfect App

App worth spending the money. Identifies the plant in a click to understand what you are touching before you take any risk with poisonous plants.

Waste of money!

Edit: I know exactly where I'm writing. I'm not asking Apple to do anything. I'm trying to warn unsuspecting purchasers like I was, not to WASTE THEIR MONEY. I responded to this email (portion noted below) and attempted to get a refund. No response. The link to your ticket number does not exist. This is the last I'm bothering with your company. I deleted your worthless app. Keep my $. Like I hope most potential purchasers keep theirs. Here is a portion of your email: "Please read this below email we sent you when you registered. About 3% of our buyers have difficulty with identification because they were taking the photos improperly. They sent us the photos, we framed them properly, and they were easily identified. If we can't teach you to use PlantSnap properly, we will happily refund your money!" SNIPPED HUGE OPEN SOURCE TYPE INSTRUCTIONS ASKING FOR INPUT TO HELP DEVELOP THEIR LIBRARY . "PlantSnap is an extremely difficult and expensive undertaking, but it has been incredibly rewarding. We truly appreciate your support, and we thank you again for helping us bring people around the world back to nature, raising awareness of the beauty and wonder that surrounds us every day on this amazing planet we call Earth! Sincerely, Eric Ralls Ticket #XXXX" PREVIOUS: It is difficult for me to understand why, with your tens of thousands of paid and happy customers, you would refuse to refund my money for a product that does not work for me. You assured me that you would send me a refund in the lengthy instruction email you sent me. Yet you have not. So for the third time I'm requesting you refund my purchase price. If you don't, I must reiterate to the unsuspecting buyer NOT to waste theirs! Customer service FAIL. PREVIOUS: Please refund my money. This is an expensive app and your tech letter to "resolve" my issue does little more than blame the user for "poor" photo quality etc. For you to have developed such a detailed resolution email says that this app isn't ready to be released except in perhaps beta form. I don't want to give your app access to privacy settings on my phone and I regret having "registered" in order to use it. I generally delete apps that I download that require this. When you refund my purchase price, I'll edit this review to commend your good customer service. PREVIOUS: I downloaded this app this morning and I have attempted to get it to identify numerous plants that I have in my home. It never has id'd even one, correctly or not. Some are quite common. It just spins and spins. I've taken screenshots of it "attempting" to identify clear photos - many of them, over the course of more than an hour. I allowed it access to my photos - don't see why this would be necessary and it couldn't identify the very basic and highly identifiable plants even then! The "suggestions" were laughable - that is if I hadn't spent money on this app based on the many 5-star ratings. Certainly seems dubious that those are genuine reviews!! I'm going to seek a refund of my money. Don't waste yours!

Difficult to use and rude employees

I purchased this app to use to identify "weeds" and other plants while hiking. After downloading I snapped all of my houseplants to test it out and it couldn't identify a single one! I emailed customer service who were, at first, helpful. When I asked for more assistance they became extremely rude. Apparently this app ONLY identifies flowering plants (while in bloom) and trees. Not for me and I asked for a refund.

Best app on my iPhone

I love this app. So easy to use and is highly accurate as long as the picture is of high quality. Plus it is reasonably priced. I'd pay 20 times this much for such a useful and high quality app!

Really disappointed

I saw the bad reviews but bought this anyway because I know some people just don't use apps correctly or give up too easily. I followed the instructions, watched the video, and experimented with several different things in my yard/garden. The only thing this app was able to identify was an oak leaf. If I wanted to figure out what kind of oak, I would have to do research on my own. The app provides a link to for additional information. It's not really helpful. I was sure the app would be able to identify my English Ivy as it is very recognizable, however, I got 5 suggestions which were nowhere close to ivy. I've had much better luck with gardening forums and other (free) plant identification apps. I gave it 2 stars because it might be useful for someone looking for the most basic of plant identification help. Like maybe someone that needs help with 6th grade science homework.


My kids and I frequently plant seeds we get from various fruits and veggies from the grocery store. The more odd the better. There have been a few mystery plants around this summer. In 5 min, with this app, no longer a mystery. Papaya and Passion Fruit.

Hit or miss

Update I would not change my rating on this app but would like to clarify something basic, visually speaking it is HARD to isolate plant life, there is often just SO much in the background that it's a fundamental flaw in what this app is trying to deliver. It is no fault of theirs, but composing a clean picture of a plant in a landscape is almost impossible. Cameras don't see the way we do. We look at simultaneously simple and complex patterns and can mentally isolate and visualize the whole, the camera simply records light and shadow...there's too great a gap there for now. I will admit that it's paltry 1.5 out of ten was pretty impressive yet, that even when it missed it missed showing results with similar patterns and characteristics. It's cool and a sign of things to come, but it just ain't worth $5. Original Review I work at a garden nursery and know a thing or two about a thing or two regarding plants. I just bought to supplement what I already know and fill in any gaps, maybe help with scientific names, etc. First thing I snap is something I know, put it to work, I pick something I think is pretty recognizable, Schefflera arboricola variegated, I wouldn't assume bad photo quality/angle(I have my degree in photographic technology). Aaaand...PlantSnap offers a few suggestions but nothing close. Next I tried something really distinct, a Phalaenopsis orchid, this time PlantSnap managed to identify it as an orchid, but strangely nothing that was close to the variety of Phalaenopsis it was. I was super excited about the prospect of this app, but it's just not there yet. YMMV.

Helpful App

I'm trying to put together a garden of native plants. This is very helpful when I see something I'd like but I don't know the name. Identification is far from 100% but it did identify 2 photos I took at a wildflower garden as well as showed me that one of my plants was not what I assumed it was. You need to work with the app, it's not magic. If it doesn't identify a closeup back off a bit. This is handier and cheaper than a big book of wildflowers so I consider it worth the money.

they REQUIRE login to use

App requires registration. Without email address and password the app will not open. Nowhere in the description does it say this. - Response to developer response: Thank you for the overview of your product but you've entirely missed the point of my one star review. I don't want to create an account with you. Nowhere in your product description do you state that in order to use your product, in any way, registration is REQUIRED. There may be good reasons to register with you, but you decided to make registration MANDATORY. nowhere in your product description did you tell me that the product I just paid four dollars for would be completely useless without registration.


Update #2. Can't even ID a Rose! If you live in the US, you know what #2 means. The responses from the developer are obviously canned, likely coming from outside the US, I'm guessing India. Don't buy into the con. Oh yes, I'm the idiot, not because I didn't follow the simple usage instructions, but because I've tried too many times to get this app to work, and more so, because I BOUGHT this app. Update after developer response: Yes, I followed the instructional video. NO, this app doesn't work. Needs TONs of work. Good idea, sick execution. How about that refund? Original review: I tried several times to have the app identify an orange tree in California. Simple right? WRONG. NO, it's not a eucalyptus, nor none on the list of possibilities. Lame. Is there a way to get a refund?

Waste of MY money

So I bought this app hoping it could identify some unknown hostas that I have but this app is just a waste. I tried it out on some of the hostas that I know the name of and what came up wasn't even close - sometimes it wouldn't even give me a Hosta option at all. It just doesn't have a sufficient database for my needs but who knows maybe it is useful for others.

Very pleased!

When I first purchased this app, I did not know that you had to allow plant snap to view your gallery and use your camera for it to work. Because I had not allowed plants snap to view my gallery, it would not identify plants. I got upset, thought I wasted my money, and wrote a negative review. The company was considerate and replied, informing me that the problem most likely lied in my privacy settings, and they were correct. Now, the app works like a charm! I apologize for writing a negative review before in the midst of my misunderstanding. I can always identify the plants on my walks that aren't in my plant ID book now! This is truly a revolutionary app, and my only regret is that I hadn't come across it sooner. Thanks, plant snap!

Can't use! Won't let me register!

When I tried to register, it gives me an error message saying that the password doesn't match. So I can't get in do you use this app

Very disappointed

Just bought this to identify plants in our friend north Seattle yard. Took five photos and only two were even close to being right. Got fuchsia right but way off of variety. Less than 40% hit rate means the app is unreliable

Extremely helpful!

I just purchased Plantsnap to help us identify plants that were in a garden we are redoing. We weren't sure if the plants were weeds, flowers, or the names. Plantsnap identified every one except one and I'm sure if I took a better picture it would have identified that too. Now we can decide what to keep, and what needs to go!


This app is a great idea, but is basically worthless at this point in time. I am a good photographer and have taken pictures of plants that I know, and PlantSnap mis-identifies the plant over 80% of the time. Perhaps a bigger database and some refinements might make this app worth while, but at this time don't waste your money.

Account required = disappointing

Was excited to try this app, but upon opening it I was greeted with a mandatory account login/register page. Why is an account required to use this app? Surely it works just as well without an account. Please remove the account requirement, I have enough accounts already, thanks.

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