PlantSnap Plant Identification App Reviews

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Not accurate...maybe 1 of 10 is right

I have a landscape design degree and have been in the business sometime and was hopping to recommend this app to some clients who are wanting to ID plants for future enhancements, however it far to inaccurate even with the basic staple shrubs and trees.

Has Worked Flawlessly.

I bought this app on a whim and I’m so glad that I did. I’ve used it on three plants: a panda succulent, a creeping Charlie, and a Swedish ivy. Worked perfectly each time.


I’m afraid my experience matches many critic posted. Apparently it’s not so robust and the user has to be pretty perfect taking pictures. I think I’ll do better finding a tree for my yard in a Sunset book. My picture bring up pretty strange entries, most of which don’t look much like the tree I’m trying to ID. I’ll grant that this app is trying to undertake a giant task. I hope enough input will make it precise and user friendly. It just doesn’t answer my need.

Anyone know how to sue the company?

There are so many one star reviews all with the same bad experience with the app and with “customer service”. I legit worry this is just a tech start up investment machine looking for a cash grab and will do it again. The customer service emails I’ve received are atrocious, rude, and aggressive.

Doesn’t work

Can’t ID a single tree no matter how I take a picture

I like it !

Really liked this app. Travel to South East Asia and use it to identify plants. Recommend it !! Wonderful!

5 stars for it :)

This is an extremely important tool in determining plants. Thank you for education!

Great app!

The first time I used it, I found the factory in seconds. I'm sure it will not work that way all the time, but it work for me very fast.


Very easy to use and so far it has been accurate. I always wanted something like this. Great idea!

It’s sooooooo good

The app works amazing although be careful because sometimes you need the flash for it to work right other than that its one of the best apps I’ve ever had

Love Learning

I have a beautiful backyard with many plants and trees. I just don’t know the names of all the plants. This app has taught me so much! I love being in the outdoors and now I can identify the flora that I enjoy.

Ambitious App-But Not There Yet

PlantSnap is an interesting app that attempts to identify plants with a single picture and possibly location info and nothing else. This is an ambitious and probably impossible task. For instance, there is a paper bark maple tree in our front yard and the identification came back as western poison oak. I will have to admit that the leaves of this young tree do resemble poison oak, but it is definitely a paper bark maple. I send it in for identification per the option in the app, but after 6 weeks still no response from the app makers. Also, this app requires an internet connection, so using it out on the trail is not always possible. Overall not very useful for me.

What a joke

I was excited to have this app since I have a lot of plants on my property I do not know their names.So I did a test and randomly tried to identify 10 plants I know for sure.None of them came accurate except basil,ha ha,even mint was identified as a sherry tomato.I want my money back

Don’t waste your time or money

App is slow and inaccurate. 0/10 accuracy thus far.

Pathetically Inaccurate at Plant ID

Cool app idea; atrociously bad at its very purpose. I snapped a pic of a type of walnut tree. At first it said it was a grass. Took another pic. This time it said it was a flowering shrub from New Caledonia. I’m in New Jersey: wrong hemisphere, wrong climate, wrong plant. Okay, maybe gave it some tough ID tasks. Let’s toss it some soft ones. According to the app, chrysanthemums are bee balm, zelkova trees are rhododendrons, and a red shrub rose (Scarlet Miedland) is the orange Tropicana tea rose. Moreover, the camera takes forever to frame the plant: I counted to 25 seconds while the app said “Detecting”. No response. You have to snap a pic with the camera, then load it into the app. Hardly convenient. Worst waste of a $4.99 app purchase ever.

Don’t buy

I was looking for the right app to search leaves for a project. I thought this app should do the trick but it did not. If you don’t know your common leafs and depended on the app it might steer you in the wrong direction. If you didn’t have the lighting and the angle just right it would give you a completely different plant. I would just look at some of the other apps before buying this one.


I love Plantsnap which is a very good application. Through the function or information that they bring I believe it can conquer anyone.

Good, but occasionally wrong

I wish I could give them some right ID's.


A rose is poison ivy, an oak tree is a cucumber tree, blah, blah, blah - tearing up 2 bucks would be more satisfying than spending it on this crumby app. Please, don’t bother!!!


The app works pretty well as far as figuring out what plant is photographed. And it give you all kinds of information about that plant. But, for $4 I would rather have it describe plant care, rather than the origin of how it got its name. Alright app. Though I will download another app to see if that’s more what I’m looking for.

Not what I thought it would do.

Not very accurate, it doesn’t give you lightning/water conditions. (How to care for the plant) i wonder if I could get a refund.

Love the's very helpful.

Sometimes just confirming what I know. And please understand not every plant known to man is on here but it clearly explains that. And if I understand correctly they are continuously added. love the concept thank you

Love it !

I took two pictures of an unusual vines, like a honeysuckle but different from anything I have ever seen or heard. After a few seconds, I get a lot of information including pictures of the different breeds - and the fact that this is an heirloom. Of course I will use this source if information is in the future. Thanks Snap!


Confirmed what I suspected.. answer was quick and had lots of additional and useful information. Good work!

Good work!

I am walking Grand Canyon National Park and this app is great to identify flowers, plants and herbs along El Camino.

Awesome app. ---

I have been trying to learn more about the plants around me and this makes it so much easier!


Seems my original post was lost. My concern is location privacy. All of my home/yard inquiries show my home location. My suggestion via email was to provide “location button “ in app allowing temporary location anonymity. Support didn’t read email enough to provide educated response. (Simply turn off location service) DUH! I know that much... I like knowing the plants I identify and their location. Just not at my home/yard. Support simply failed to read my email completely ...

Waste of money

I should have noticed the reviews before buying. If I could find where to ask for a refund, I would. Don’t waste your money.

Got it all wrong

This app couldn’t identify a marijuana plant and that’s sad!!


I tested this app on 12 plants from my own garden and it was dead wrong, not even close, on 11 of them. Still looking for a decent plant ID app.


So far I have submitted 4-5 photos to the app (I have listened to the instructions several times), and the identification hasn't been close on any of them. I even submitted a snap of a cluster of white oak leaves and got answers of several flowers! Is this app only for flowers?

Just simple as you understand it

Very nice :) Thanks a lot!

Very cool

Great app for identify plants. it rellay shows the power of crowd sourcing. PlantSnap has no trouble with roses or any other plants. Here are videos showing PlantSnap identifying roses. net if you need help or have questions in the future. Great app for identify plants. it relly shows the power ...

Graphic is good enough

Need some features. Little bit laggy.But still love this app.Great app.

Struggling to identify oak tree leaves

Even with good close-up pictures of oak leaves, the app is having difficulty identifying oaks. Many of the options are tropical even though the GPS shows we are in Arkansas.

So easy!!

This is the easiest way to identify any plant. I just love it, and love being able to help out my neighbors when they don’t know it’s growing in their yard. Highly recommend it.

Good concept

This app does a really poor job identifying anything, even the most common range, don't spend your money until they can get it right

Unsatisfied with this app

This app has only found information on one plant I have submitted a picture of. Plus the information it provides is not on care or plant information that is useful to someone wanting to know how to care for typical plants.

Not accurate

I had flowers on my phone that are clear pictures. I know what they are (from reliable books and other confirmation) yet this app could not identify them correctly.

Works, occasionally!

Agree with another reviewer. I think they are gathering data to improve the app—which needs improvement. I have taken lots of very clear close-ups of plants and with very clear and zoomed in flowers and it, more often than not—doesn’t even come close. I have tested this on flowers in planters that I already knew absolutely what they were as I bought and planted them myself. Multiple photos tried in various light and angles. Good luck with weeds and wildflowers as it is almost impossible to get what they deem to be the perfect photo for an ID. Thrilled when it does work. On a recent weed I was trying to ID, I sent them a query. Staff is responsive but be prepared to be severely reprimanded for not following instructions. I will say, I had a hard time (due to proximity) getting a good closeup of flowers and there were lots of leaves and buds. However, zoomed in close it was a very clear photo with leaves, stems, one flower and buds. I did try zooming in even closer with same lackluster results. There should have been more than enough to id the plant. Very argumentative. They sent me back a photo that I had sent them. They zoomed it a tiny bit more and claimed that it worked for them and implied that I am apparently not smart enough to submit a proper photo. I copied the (returned) photo into plantsnap, and still not a good ID. What? I then updated the app and resubmitted the same exact photo (you know, the one that they claimed worked, which was my photo). First time, no good. Second time (same exact photo unaltered) it came up as the third (but low) possibility. As another example, I tried to get it to ID poison hemlock awhile back (I knew what it was) and it did not even come close. That was with very close-up flowers, leaves and stems. Multiple close-ups, multiple tries. It didn’t even come up with the standard look-alikes—wild carrot and Queen Anne’s Lace. Looks like they are improving but definitely needs more work. Could be downright dangerous to somebody who might not know the difference as many plants are medicinal and many are highly poisonous. I would not rely on this app for a positive ID. I think I do remember a disclaimer somewhere. Since I bought it awhile back and it wasn’t expensive, I may continue to frustrate myself with it, hoping for improvements. It is somewhat entertaining. It can only improve. While they do have responsive support (I gave them a star for that), be prepared to be shamed for not being smart enough to take a perfect picture. I am not sure how I will be able to continue to drag my sad self out of bed and face the day, now that I know how truly stupid I must be! I will, however, find the energy to search for a better plant ID app.

Garbage app with great marketing

Cannot identify a maple after a couple tries. Do not waste money on this. I have NEVER been able to identify a single plant or leaf with the app. Use google. It is free

Works very well.

Was able to identify some of my trees.


Incredible app for anyone interested in nature or spend a lot of time in nature and want to know what flora surrounds you. Great to find out if the plants around you are dangerous or not.

Really useful app

Great for getting the kids into nature.


I have verified that this works to identify peanut plants.

Don waste your money

I tried it in two different plants and it had no idea what they were. A waste of money.

No help

So far, this app has not correctly identified a single plant. 😕


this app is amazing must get!

No response

I submitted three photos of plants and never got any type of response! At least they could say we can’t identify the plant...take more photos!

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