PlantSnap Plant Identification App Reviews

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This App will not work!

I bought this app and it will not work! I want a refund.

App crashes even before it opens

I only get the welcome screen before the app crashes. I want a refund.

Serious waste of money

The positive reviews must surely be paid. Doesn’t work on anything. Slow too

Save your money App does not work!

This app is a scam as far as I'm concerned. I have now had 5 out of 6 plants identified incorrectly. The one it did identify it could only identify the genus, which is pretty is because it was a calathea. Save your money and just use the internet and social media to identify plants

Phoenix troubles

The app is only 50% in identifying the plants in my yard in Phoenix.

Overall it’s good

It takes good pictures to get it to work. Watch shadows in pictures

Nice app

It’s a lot of fun. We used it over the weekend. If you don’t have the internet don’t bother.

Inaccurate identification and crashes

As a test, I had it identify the household plants. It could only identify the pineapple accurately. I can do that with my eyes closed. Whenever I try to submit the correct identification, the app crashes, even after restarting my phone.

Works great

Needs good pictures which isn't always possible

Science fiction come to life

Amazing app! iPhones are getting closer and closer to being just like Star Trek Tricoders! PlantSnap works incredibly well, and I was very skeptical. Highly recommend! Marsh grass that I had trouble with previously is now identified! I think they must have added more species because I got a result on a hike yesterday on a mushroom that wasn't identified before. Seems to work well on succulents and cacti. Just saved me from poison ivy! WOW works on mushrooms now, too!

Waste of money

I’ve had this app for awhile. Kept waiting for it to improve but it hasn’t. Identifies plants incorrectly. Also plant descriptions inaccurate. Looked up Daphne and got a description of a greek goddesses. Lazy developers.

Trouble recognizing house plants

This app is a great idea, but doesn't work well. It has difficulty recognizing some of my most basic house plants.

Loving this App!

I almost didn’t bother because of the bad reviews. So glad I did! This App is great! I’ve spent all morning going through my tree photos and IDing plants. Whilst the App didn’t know every single tree, it got a lot correct. It’s a work in progress and the more photos that get submitted, the better it should become. The photos need to be clear and close up. Preferably a flower or fruit. I’ve tried leaves as well. Some it got, some it didn’t, but I’m having a blast with it. For those of you who paid and are disappointed, try going to your local nursery to take some photos to see what works. It may just be that you are not getting enough of a close up. At least at a nursery the plants have labels so you can see if the App works. The App is fairly basic right now but I was told there will be updates to see what others around the world are IDing. Can’t wait for that. Anyway, I’m off to have fun at the garden department at Lowe’s!

Don’t buy this app

If I could give 0 stars I would. I followed the directions to the letter. The app takes a picture of the plant in question then stays in identifying mode for hours. Great way for the app maker to make $3.99 in exchange for NOTHING. Rip Off. 😡😡😡 P.S. the app maker states a new version came out today. I just downloaded it with the same results. RESPONSE TO APP RESPONSE: I did write to you. I even sent you screen shots of my settings because you insisted my camera wasn’t allowing the app access. I did this all BEFORE writing the review. Your remark about “running” to the reviews is a bit transparent and unprofessional. Would you be pleased purchasing an app only to have it not work and then have to convince the app developer it isn’t working? Your business ethic is severely lacking when your response is to accuse the customer of not contacting support before writing a review when that was definitely not the reality of the timeline of events. I wasted time and energy taking the effort to contact you and sending you screen shots of exactly what my settings were because I was excited for the app to deliver on what I thought I was purchasing, which is to say, a FUNCTIONAL app. Great it works for you, you should make sure that result is pretty much universal before putting it on the market. And read more of your reviews, I’m not the only unhappy customer. Glad you responded, let the buyer know in advance what they’re getting into before purchase. If I would’ve read a response like yours in the reviews I read before buying this app I definitely would’ve passed.

Good so far

Very excited to play with this app. Great idea and good execution. A few minor bugs where identification gets hung up but I’m sure they’ll work them out.


PlantSnap has helped me identify plants and flowers that I've never seen before, and is encouraging me to make my thumb a bit greener.


I recently moved into a house where I had not planted hte garden. I sent them a plant that I wasn't sure was a weed. PlantSnap identified it quickly as a big weed!

I use it all the time

It has been very helpful with identification of plants. It is the best gardening app I have. I use it all the time. Thanks!


I had always hoped for such an app and then PlantSnap arrived. I have used it several times to help identify unknown plants. Easy to use. Prompt replies. Brilliant!


Never thought photo recognition would work, found every plant I have and I have a lot. Love PlantSnap!!!

Have used PlantSnap a few times to identify plants I either have or would like for my garden. The re

Have used PlantSnap a few times to identify plants I either have or would like for my garden. The response has been fast & accurate.

Quick response time

Quick response time and it's fun to know what's in your yard and surrounding areas. Try PlantSnap right now!


So far so good! I sent pictures of plants that two avid plant lovers had no clue about, and PlantSnap were correctly identified!

I love it!

I was trying to figure out what was growing in my garden for weeks and it only took seconds to get results from PlantSnap. I love it!

I am very pleased!

I have used this app several times for identifying pests and plants. The response has come back in seconds. I am very pleased about PlantSnap.


Just to get some plants and weeds identified is the greatest thing. There is much more than that also. PlantSnap is great app!

Love PlantSnap!

Very quick at identifying, and a great place to store the names of all my plants so that I never forget them again :)

Great app!

My husband and I love the vast array of spring wild flowers but were struggling with a positive identification. PlantSnap changes that! Great!

Love it!!!

Just bought a new home with a big garden. PlantSnap is helping me quickly ID all the plants. Really useful!!!

PlantSnap wonderfully auguments walks in the nature

PlantSnap wonderfully auguments walks in the nature. Whenever I find an intruiguing plant I can get response within few seconds and read more about the plant. Thank you authors for making this happen.

Fast and exact!

I posted my question about a plant outside my house and I got an answer in seconds!! PlantSnap is really fast and accurate!


Such a clever idea and PlantSnap works great. I'm doing my college project and what I can't find on the Internet, it has helped immensely. Awesome!

Highly recommend!

I moved onto a new property with tons of plants that I cannot identify. PlantSnap was incredibly easy to use and identifications were made fast. Love it!

Quick responses and accurate answers!

Since we never remember the identification books when we hike and travel, we use PlantSnap to identify unknown plants and flowers. Quick responses and accurate answers!

Well done!

Resolved a mystery that had stumped every knowledgeable person I knew. In seconds, 100% correct and informative. Well done!

PlantSnap is very complete

PlantSnap is very complete. Formatting, description, and response time indicate care concern and responsibility to your client. Thanks!

Highly recommend.

Tried PlantSnap and really like it. I sent about 5 what I would call difficult flowers to identify and I knew all in seconds. I'll be using it a lot.

Never got wrong answer

I wish I could give PlantSnap more than 5 stars! Never got wrong answer. Way cheaper than having botanist coming to your place and start identifying random plants.

Love it

Just take a pic or few - send them and wait! In seconds and you have what you need! Love it!

PlantSnap is really useful

We moved to this house last fall - the entire back yard is a huge garden. I'm trying to sort out the weeds and invasive plants from the good ones. PlantSnap is really useful.

Try it now!

I am so happy to have found PlantSnap - they are so quick to respond! The price is totally reasonable. Try it now!

Very handy!

Ever been somewhere and see a plant you like and want to know what it is and will it grow at your house? PlantSnap is the app for you!

Try PlantSnap now

Really great for avid gardeners who need answers. Response is quick and accurate. Try PlantSnap now!

Does exactly what it says it will do

You can narrow down categories to garden plant, wild plant, indoor plant, mushroom, moss, or lichen. PlantSnap is great app for this newbie gardener!

Such a helpful app

I had some indoor plants and random outdoor plants and didn't know what they were. PlantSnap helped me identify all of them! Thank you for quality work!

Not impressed...

I’ve followed the directions exactly and this app is just not able to identify plants. I’ve taken pictures of known plants just to see if it could identify. If you need to identify a tulip or a marigold this is for you. If you are looking to identify a not so well known plant this will not do it. Save your money.

Nice idea, does not work

I have used the app at least a dozen times. The response either times out or is wrong. I never review these things but I want to let everyone know not to get this app.


The reviews are amazing to me. They either say is is wonderful or it doesn’t work at all. That is very unusual. I bought it last week and I followed the instructions exactly. It have not been able to identify one plant. I’m very disappointed! Is it going to be fixed?

Lots of fun-good learning experience

Lots of fun-good learning experience. I can easily see spending hours and hours doing this. Hope I can still get to work.


Wish I had read the reviews more closely before wasting $4. Scanned 3 basic plants and I couldn't identify even 1 correctly. Read the responses to the reviews from this app developer, they border on pure crazy. I'm sure I'll get one too explaining how the app is wonderful and I just need help using it etc etc etc. Don't waste your time or $$$.

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