PlantSnap Plant Identification App Reviews

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Good possibility but poor performance!

I like the idea, but the real frustration is the lack of versatility and communication. (Notice how well amazon learns from its customers). I took a pic of a bush in my yard. App couldn’t identify it. I send it in to be identified (which hasn’t always worked.) But then I figured out what it was. I had to watch the tutorial just to figure out how to add a name to it—which I hate—I wish it were more intuitive. If you’d make it easy to communicate with your customers you’d get better feedback. People don’t want to leave poor feedback, but they get frustrated when they can’t ask questions or even help you make it better. (I don’t think you’ve listened to the suggestions your customers have already made.) I want to be able to add another picture of this plant and looks like it only has place for one picture.

Fun app

Fun app and easy to use. I’m interested in learning about the foliage around me; but, not interested enough to research it on my own. Very educational and informative. I have a cat—it’s nice to know what the names are because there are certain house plants cats are allergic to.

Plant snap

Does not recognize common plants of the southwest. Very disappointed. I wasted my money on this


Couldn’t even identify a begonia. My first 3 snaps (with very clear photos) were all misidentified. Don’t get this.


Not happy with the accuracy or the response. I have had more wrong and unknown responses than positive ones. I used plants I know and I had unsatisfactory responses.

Doesn’t recognize some common mushrooms

I submitted several common northwest mushrooms like the Lepiota clypeolaria and it didn’t come close.


A very cool idea for an app (and could possibly become something better) but for now I would pass on the purchase. Not accurate and the app doesn’t seem to recognize obvious and distinct features within different species. For example, I would enter a very clear picture of a rose, and a variety of succulent called aeonium would pop up, showing me that it is in the system. I then uploaded a picture of an actual aeonium which was very similar to the photo provided by the app (shown for the rose). The option for aeonium did not even pop up for the succulent I knew was in the system. The photo was unmistakable and clear. Hoping for improvements soon as I think this is a great idea, and an app I would potentially use a lot. Guess it’s back to the old fashion identification books!

Save your money!

If I could I’d give it a ZERO I would. I tried at least 25-30 plants over 3 days and it could not identify any of them. I even did basic plants that I already knew like Stella Dora Day Lilly’s but the application could not identify the plants. Save your $3.99.

Needs some improvement.

It’s search feature needs improvement. It can only search one word terms. For instance if I type Lavandula it will find multiple with the same name, but if I type more specifically Lavandula Angustifolia, it gives no results/doesn’t search even if spelled exactly as it appears in the previous single term search results. Taking great pictures is accurately emphasized. However, some plants can not be identified because there are no pictures of late or early stages of some plants. My onions which I allowed to flower for instance could not be identified. I had to do it myself. In general though it does work well. Still needs some improvement.

A waste of money!

What a joke and waste of money! I have gotten the app to identify ONLY ONE flower. Some that I tried are the most common flowers and it came up with the most far fetched and bizarre “guesses”. And no, we are not going to blame it on the quality of pictures because the pics wouldn’t have gotten any better than what I had! What a disappointment!!

Colorado flowers

I have tried very common plants to Colorado and taken pictures as recommended. It hasn’t gotten any of them correct. Better off Googling

Works great, with a decent picture

I’ve been using this for about a week, and I absolutely love it. I’m usually pretty curious about plants, but since getting a new house, I’ve really had a need to identify a lot of unknown plants. Like the ones our contractor planted before we moved in— we had no idea what they were, and thus how to take care of them. This app helped me identify all those in my yard, but it had trouble with some weeds I took snaps of. No problem though— the app let me submit it for identification, and a few hours later I had my answer. We were also recently in Disney and I took pictures of a few plants I thought I might want to decorate with at home. I live in a completely different climate, so I had no idea what these were. Plant Snap wasn’t dead on all the time, but comparing the results from pictures of a few different angles got me the answers. Taking pictures of flowers and MATURE leaves is the key. On a plant, the lead shape can vary depending on how close it is to the ground or branch tips, so try to get ones in the middle. Also try identifying a few different snaps and seeing what results are in common. I’ve had great success with this so far.

Purchased two weeks ago

I am a gardener. Every time I have “practiced” with this app, it has identified plants incorrectly. Yesterday it ID a rose leaf of 9 leaflets as poison ivy. Really?

Super frustrating!

*UPDATE** I can’t even begin to express how ridiculous you sound if you believe that only someone with suspicious motives could possibly not like your app. The constant “blame the customer” theme is getting old and is entirely unprofessional. And no, I won’t be contacting your customer support, because like I said in my last edit, I have no desire to use your app any longer, thanks to this sort of response. With so many other apps out there, I don’t have to either. I’d encourage any one else thinking about using this app to think twice. It seems we all need personal training, educational videos, and condescending support in order to use properly 🙄. (7/20/2018) I was so excited to get outside and start snapping some pics, but *every single photo* took forever to load, to save, and at best only found my plant half the time. I tried zooming in, zooming out, different angles, and finally just called it quits. The drain on my battery seemed pretty fast too. To be fair, I wanted to identify plants while abroad, so maybe this will work better for folks in the States. For me it was a waste of $4 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I’d also add that I find all the “support” replies that I’ve read here pretty condescending. Edit: I originally rated PlantSnap at 2 stars due to the difficulty of use, lag time of the app, and battery drain, but I have now lowered my rating to a 1 Star since their customer service leaves much to be desired. Blaming the customer by saying, “it takes much less time for us to help you than it does for you to jump to conclusions and rush to the reviews section” is not the way to fix the problem. FYI, I did watch the videos you sent and I did try different angles and lighting (as I already pointed out). It just wouldn’t work and the app was very slow! Also, I did not “rush to the comment section”. Your app wouldn’t stop with it’s annoying pop-ups asking me to rate it in the App I did. I’m happy that you seem to have this massive success rate (although it doesn’t seem to be the case reading through the comments), but *I am not one of those successes*. If your app is so difficult that we all need numerous training videos and online support in order to use it, maybe it’s not the user who’s to blame. At this point my user experience has left such a bad taste in my mouth, I doubt I’ll be giving your app a second look.


It gets more plants wrong than right. I am uninstalling it.

Poor identifier of tropical plants

I bought this app a short time ago and it has been poor in identifying the species I tested it on (some of which are fairly common and not overly exotic).

Waste of money.

I’ve taken pictures the way it is suggested and have not had much luck with this ap. I know something about plants; a banana plant doesn’t even begin to resemble Veronica. I submitted quite a few pictures for their botanists to review but have heard nothing back for days. This would be an amazing so if it worked but, unfortunately I have not found that to be the case.

Needs improvement

I have been using this app for a little over two months. I can understand some plant/flower images may be difficult to identify immediately which is why I can only assume the app has a feature to send identification to an expert if the results you see are incorrect. However, I have been waiting well over a month for an “expert” to identify multiple plants/flowers. My recommendation is buy a book!

It has not gotten one plant right, yet.

I've taken pictures of four plants that I know. Not one of the answers back were correct. Tried a few different angles, according to the instructions and still not correct. Not a big fan of this app at the moment.

Praise Jesus amen

Praise Jesus amen, hallelujah that this app has finally been made. Can I get an amen?

Omg I can’t believe this app exists!!

I am having so much fun confirming my plant suspicions. This app is my new favorite!!

Don’t bother!

Couldn’t identify the most common of plants in my backyard!

Relatively worthless

I tried it on two very common plants, just to try it out and figure out how it worked. The first was a bing cherry tree. Wrong two out of two. Next I tried a Laural bush; again a very common plant. Wrong again. It identified it as a southern magnolia, which doesn’t even grow in this area so far as I know.

Rip off

Don’t buy this app. I am a horticulturist and thought this would be a good tool. It is not. I took two test photos of known common household plants. It failed miserably on both accounts. It didn’t even come close to identifying the plants. It even identified one as poison ivy. So much for their claim of 92% accuracy. Read the reviews. This app customer support replies are all the same. “Customer didn’t use right, didn’t take good pictures, failed to follow instructions or video etc etc.

Waste of money

I should have read more reviews, this app is a total waste of money! It gives guesses, like “Most probably.......” and “Could also be......”. And sometimes you get “There was an error identifying your image, please try again”. Buy a book instead. So you guys give refunds? I would like a refund please.

Not good for succulents

I bought this app to ID my succulents but it hasn’t been able to correctly ID them. Even if I know the ID and test the app it still can’t ID correctly.


Thinks bloody everything is a jade plant.

Waste of money

It has recognized 1 out of 10 plants I have tried...

Works great!

The app is easy to use and identifies the plant correctly.

Not worth the money!

Everything I snapped is wrong! I wasted my money!


We have a garden with lots of species from all around the world, some we don’t know yet. This app is doing a great job at helping us out! As long as instructions are followed it performs amazingly well. Thanks!!

Does not work

I shared a few photos of cultivated species from a public park in a major city in the US. The results from the app were incorrect and unhelpful.

Good idea. Terrible quality

Here’s an idea!? How about you don’t charge for an app until it is developed to a useful level? I took photos of several VERY common plants in my garden, it correctly identified 1 of 10. Save your money!

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It is cumbersome to use and largely incorrect. Very disappointing for a paid app

Love it

I enjoy using this in my garden. It’s great for walks in the woods. And my friends always want something snapped!

Worst app ever!!!

Worst app ever. Not one out of like ten correct with landscape architect that knows them exactly!!!!!

Does not work

It can identify the most obvious plants that any 5 year old could name. 80% of the pictures come back as the totally wrong thing or a maybe this or that. The photos were high quality. The app is poorly made and they just want to collect your money and email so they can sell it to marketing company’s. Save time and don’t waste it on this terrible app.

Needs to be more accurate.

Hopefully, the app will improve with time.

Didn’t identify even one plant

For a paid app, this was very disappointing. I am curious about the plants in my yard but didn’t know what half of them are. This app seemed perfect for me. I live in the Northeast, not exactly exotic plant territory. But this app didn’t even get one right. Day lily, ferns, marigolds, not one.

Superbly inaccurate

I’ve tried this app with dozens of known plants and it only got it correct twice. NOT recommended!


I’ve never cared enough to rate an app, but this one is so terrible I felt a sense of responsibility to warn others about this sham. I’ve wasted money on dumb apps before, but this was easily the worst money I’ve ever spent. Unless you’re trying to identify a sunflower, your guess is probably just as good or better than this apps. If I could give this app 0 stars, I would.

Works good with flowers that have bloomed

It works well with flowers that have bloomed already, but I wish I was able to search plants where flowers haven’t bloomed yet more easily. Or the “not see what you are looking for” offered more choices of plants to choose from instead of just 3. But, I’ve been able to figure out what flowers I have blooming many times now, and that’s been very helpful!


Says identify plants anywhere in the world. I live in Alaska and the plants here must be an exception but great app though

If it cannot ID poison oak. ....

Otherwise seems to do a pretty good job and gets poison ivy.

Plant snap

This app is a waste! Save ur money . I wish I had!!!

Use google

Honestly, I’m really disappointed with this app. It did not even identify a red maple correctly, one of the most common maple trees! Use google instead. Just use great descriptions such as, 3 lobed maple leaf.

Tim Mcmillan.

Ok so far.......not sure why it’s confusing my strawberry’s for cucumbers

Lousy at best...

This app has no clue... I would like my $4 back... seriously, it can’t even identify the common garden items I am familiar with... woulda been a cool tool - no pride in your workmanship in this app 👎


It couldn’t even identify a maple tree. It said it was a tulip tree. We followed the directions to a t . I emailed the creator and he emailed some garbage about not following directions and would not return my money. They are frauds and won't even print this review and won't even return my money.

Very often the wrong plant

I would say it’s got about a 10% success rate

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