PlantSnap Plant Identification App Reviews

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This is so cool

It has gotten every plant I have tested it with right. Ten out of ten.

Great app

Like the ability to sort of network with plants - learn names of say 3 new plants per day. Sorry to say it is easy to get out of touch with plants in everyday urban life. Thankfully this works well, say 6 times out of 10, which is fine.

Helps quash invasives

I bought this app to help identify a wild plant growing in my yard and immediately learned it was an invasive weed (goathead), so I cleared my garden out immediately (and the neighbor’s) before the flowers were able to bear fruit. Looking forward to lots more exciting discoveries with this app.

Worth about what they charge for it!

Not user friendly. Works poorly with any existing plant photo. Accurate about 20% of time. I have deleted it. Great concept. Lacking.

Don’t bother

Hey, I know a TON of plants. Tried to use this on several I didn’t know. Complete piece of S—- So sorry I wasted my money.

Can’t wait for it to grow!

I’m so grateful for the the response to my identify and I’m having a lot of fun with this app! I think the algorithm could use some growth there have been 3 out of about 7 identities that were not a match. But I’m still really enjoying it.

Was not reliable

I had high hopes for this app, but it failed miserably. I would take pictures, and it would consistently give me results way out in left field. I would take a picture of a tree leaf, and get a recommendation of a tropical plant. Even common plants were misidentified. I deleted the app as worthless.

Could be a lot better

Bought the app hoping to help catalog all the plants we see that we would like to have in our yard. Followed the directions watched the videos more then once. It’s nice but needs more fine tuning. It also only gives you a suggestion of what it possibly is. Was hoping it would... I don’t know.... tell me exactly what it was.


This app is so much fun. I started out identifying plants I already knew to check it’s accuracy. Spot on! Now I’m learning the local plants where I hike.

Surprisingly useless

This app was supposed to be a helpful tool for my garden and love of nature. It turned out to be a time sink that never once identified a plant correctly. Yes I followed the instructions and watched all the videos. Not a single accurate match, for example I know its a pine tree but what kind is what I need to know. All right so the app maybe needed to learn or my picture wasn’t ‘good enough’ so I referred all my plant pictures to the developer - its an option. I figured this will at least get me an answer.... sadly after two weeks i never received a reply. I really wouldn’t waste your time with this app. I will be getting a refund. 8/16/18 still no promised refund after several attempts. Purchase at your risk.


So far this app is junk! ID’s are way off. Example id apple tree as poison ivy and Easter hemlock as western hemlock.

New way to catalog all my plants.

So far so good, only it does not works outside my garden.

Snapplant app

This app does not work well.


This couldn’t even get a strawberry plant right!

Terrible app not ready for the market

I was so eager to use this app and so far it’s 0-7. Not only did it misidentify EVERY time, it gave me suggestions that are not even close. Growing hazelnuts in Canada? My weed is a rose? Ugh. Save your money and buy a proper book.

First ever review

This is my first ever app review. This app is total trash. Seriously it does not work, hasn’t once and I’ve watched every tutorial any info on how to get it to work. Love the idea but it just does not work it’s terrible.

Plant snap fails to identify plants

Great idea but app rarely works. Never able to identify plants.

Amazing Learning Tool

Beautiful and practical learning tool. We do school at home. We’re getting a lot of mileage out of this app. Going on a hike is completely different when we’re not getting lost Paging through a book.

If only...

If only this had been available for the much feared 7th grade “leaf project,” requiring us to pick, Mount, and identify 20 different tree leaves!

Loving this!

Hi just signed up and LOVING this!!! Have been wanting to do it forever! Thank you!!!! Can I save both the first and second identification??🎉❤️

A little disappointed.

App works on a lot of plants, unfortunately not the species I purchased it for. Love several of my plants but still don’t know what they are. Kind of disappointed as I, for some reason, have a green thumb. Would like to know the few “unusual” plants that I do have that are thriving, and how to replant to get more of them. Have never gotten a reply on photos of them sent as to their identification.

Far off suggestions

Messing up on a lot of plants like apple trees & is giving way for off suggestions in some cases

really impressive

Because of what PlantSnap has done, the user is very accurate, app very well

generally worth the money

This app is very good, I do not know what to say more

its a scam

app doesn’t work at all, customer support is a joke, attempted to get refund - received back defensive arrogant email blaming me for not trying hard enough.

Not accurate yet

Not many good matches thus far


I have tried four different plants and your identifier has scored zero. I just got back from our Botanical Garden and took a picture of an easy plant that was marked so I would know the answer, and your identifier failed again.

Ridicous money waste!

The things it identified were not even close. Mine was a flat leaf pink and green coleus-elephant ear-like plant and it guessed with three solid pink flowers. My other attempt came up with another ridiculous guess. What a SCAM!


App does reasonably well with common flowers, though it did think my hydrangea was poison ivy. I have yet to have it correctly identify a weed. I’ll continue to use it and make suggestions, in the hope that by identifying them in my tried and true 50 year old book of plants, the app will get better. As a side note, when I give two or three stars, it won’t take any nickname I try. Trying the same nickname with 4 stars to see if there is some hanky panky going on.

Do not buy

I have no idea how this app is getting good reviews. It is worse than horrible. Cannot identify any plants even those easily identifiable plants such as a tomato plant, rose bush, rosemary, maple tree, yeah NONE OF THEM ARE ABLE TO BE IDENTIFIED.

Waiting for identification..

The concept of this app is very cool. I have used it on occasion with mushrooms and the app often has trouble identifying them over flowers. I have sent multiple for identification and have yet to hear anything in months. If there’s one thing that could be improved it would be faster response (any response) for identifying plants/mushrooms that the app cannot automatically identify.


Failed to identify any of the trees attempted! How difficult can it be to identify a maple leaf! So far the rose is the only suggestion it has offered! Wasted $4!

So helpful!

The ‘ask a botanist’ feature has been so helpful! Automatic plant ID doesn’t always work so this feature is 💯.

Could not identify common plants correctly

I followed the explanations on how to take pictures and I tried a few times with different angles and still no luck. I’m sorry I paid 3.99. I very much like this app idea!

Skeptical in Pennsylvania

I took over 50 pics of different trees and so far NOTHING. Followed training video to a T. I sent several in to be identified. We will see what happens. Not satisfied at this time.


Well, I am following all of the directions. Good light, centered flower, well cropped image, but nothing is being identified. So I am finding that I am providing the information to the app! We will see how this goes in the future… I may have to change my rating to do stars. It is a good way for me to store the flowers that I enjoy having in my garden for future reference!

Total waste of time and money! I wish I could give 0 star

I tried so many times with extremely clear and well focused photos. Different frame size, different angles, but none of them works. First time so disappointed

Don’t like it

I’ve snapped at least a dozen plants without any others in the pic and it hasn’t identified any of them

Got juked!!

I got juked buying this App. Snapped 8 very common flowers and plants in my back yard and the App. couldn’t identify or even make a single suggestion. Where can I get my $1.99 back?


I am so excited about what this app may become as more properly identified plants and trees are added to the Database.

Not ready for prime time

Was excited about the app after hearing all the hoopla, but upon purchase discovered it doesn’t work anywhere close to advertised ... and yes, I read the instructions. In my opinion, it would be marginal as a free app. I’ll check back in a year or two when hopefully when the algorithm is refined.


It’s good for a novice or beginner in plant identifying.

Non-Flower Plant Inaccuracy

Wanted to test accuracy of app by snapping plants I already knew. I snapped 3 plants: blue lobelia, purple coneflower (not flowered at time of snap), and flowering Black-eyed Susan. It immediately recognized the flowering BES, but was not able to ID the non-flowered snaps, which is primarily what I was looking for to ID (what I think/hope) is native plants at a nearby creek. I submitted one unID plant to botanists. Will update review when I hear back.

Help needed

I just bought the app and it won’t open. It’s just stuck on the cartoon girl. Please help.


I purchased the app as I am fairly new to Fl and not familiar with many plants here. Taking 4 photos if the same plant resulted in 4 different results. It could not id a calla lily or a crape myrtle. It did id a spearmint plant. Update: I did watch the videos. I also submitted a sample on Aug 6 with no response.

Friggin miracles workers

I ordered a 40 pack sample of various succulents (with no flowers) and although the app was only able to identify a small handful without help, the rest of the team identified ALL of them within a matter of minutes. The more we take pictures and use this app; the better! This app is for the curious! Thanks!!

Not impressed

This app dies not readily identify many of the plants I input. Then even when it does manage to get one right, which was one out of three, the app crashes, boo. And THEN when I save the image it goes to my photo library and the app does not record it as a favorite or that I’ve even gotten identification. I feel I’ve purchased a session of frustration. Not worth $1.99 for how it works/doesnt work.

Does not work

Does not work, could not A Denna find any plants in my yard


I love flowers. But I don’t always know what they are. So when I saw this app, I was so excited! Now I’ve learned the names of all the flowers that I love.


Not very accurate so far with trees

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